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You're Dead To Me

[Verse 1]
Well come on in and sit right down
Surprised to see you're still around
You broke my heart, that's history
I'm still alive and you're dead to me
I hung the crapes up on my door
I cried for you six months or more
I gave a heartfelt eulogy
I said goodbye, you're dead to me

It didn't take a gun, didn't take a knife
I don't have to take your life
To bury you beneath the weeds
I'm over you, you're dead to me

[Verse 2]
It's plain to see you're above the ground
You haunt the streets of this old town
You're still as fine as fine can be
Well that's good for you, you're dead to me


[Verse 3]
So let me pour you a glass of wine
I'll leave the poison out this time
Already killed your memory
So here's to you, you're dead to me
Already killed your memory
Don't take this wrong, you're dead to me

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