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Your Fucking Head Split


Yeah, uh
Yo this the shit right here
Yeah this make me wanna kill somebody
Turn this shit up, real fucking loud

Drinking the bile out ya pancreas, the fanciest
Cancerous, talkin' lyricist, pack a shank on the hips
You're a skanky bitch, slit ya wrist, clitoris
If you're inhibited I'll piss in ya syphilis, incubus
Mr. Death, Dr. Demise, Surgeon Slice
You'll die really slow if you don't appreciate life
You're wack if you don't appreciate knives
The way a knife slices precise, it's trife, it's a demonic device
The chronic you light, inhale, for those in jail
To those that beef get impaled and buried in snails
My brains charred like burnt flesh, you're scarred
Ripping ya breast apart, digest ya heart

[Chorus: Repeat 2X]
Kid you know you can't fuck with this
Don't you know that my shit's too sick
Kid you know you can't fuck with this
You might get ya whole fuckin head split

Terrorize ya whole clique, make you suck on ya own tits
Then spit the cancer out, grab a Glock; call me Sir Manson-a-Lot
Blow ya brains on the seats, varicose veins on the streets
Cocaine dust and weed, kill you slowly, it's a must you bleed
Pop a vein in ya skull from the stress, feelin' numb in ya chest
Anxiety attack, murder you with a variety;
An ax, a mac, a blackjack, a back crack
Right upside ya fuckin head for talking shit about this kid
You bled, sadistic and red, my biscuit pumps lead
Cock it, obnoxious, get chopped up in boxes
I'm toxic, my topics are gothic
Morbidity, you can't get rid of me
The reason there's humidity is shit to me
So kill ya'self and write a note
Right before the noose wraps tight around ya throat
Ya windpipe is choked
New York is filled with transvestites in coats
Helpless wenches controlled and sacrificing goats
It's death, 42nd street derelicts
Reppin' it, sellin' shit, malevolent
Mad felons kid, I got three in the fam
Me and my man will beat you with hands, leave you beneath the sand
You sinkin', quickly, I'm thinking, I'm sickly
I need medication, the cadavers are getting stinky

[Chorus: repeat 2X]
Kid you know you can't fuck with this
Don't you know my shit's too sick
Kid you know you can't fuck with this
Might get ya whole fuckin head split
Split split
Fuckin head split fuckin head split (bitch) fuckin head split

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