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'93 DJ Riz Freestyle

Now when it comes to this rap shit you know the Big L’s top ranked
And those niggas who fronted, they got spanked
Microphones I clutch and slay, foes I buck and spray
Me sell out? Psshh, no fuckin’ way
I kick flavor ‘til the track dies, stickin’ hoes with fat thighs
I’m known for givin’ whack guys black eyes
I fight my own wars; I’m known to bone whores
And my raps be goin’ long distance like phone calls
You got a big crew but I roll with larger men
I’m smoother than margarine
And I’m hittin’ harder then
That nigga named Mike Tys
I’m quite nice
I might slice
A punk for the right price
Then eat ‘em with white rice
The Big L is known for rockin’ jewels
Droppin’ fools and stoppin’ crews by poppin’ tools
I’m crazy quick to buck a gun
And get a sucka done
Yo I’m so smooth I could fuck a nun
MCs be actin’ like they top gunnin’
Yo talkin’ like villains but won’t pop nothin’ so stop frontin’
Before I pop you like a fat rope
I’m that dope
I’m mad far from flat broke
Front and I’ll let my gat smoke
Big L is a nigga you can’t call whack
Front and get your jaw cracked
My format is raw black, I’m all that
Fatter than horseflies
Known to exhort guys
This ain’t Cali, this Harlem nigga, we do walk bys
And it’s a fact I pack a joint or two
And right now you hearin’ shit from the Big L’s point of view
I’m not the type to take sluts out
I just fuck they guts out
Get my nuts out and break the fuck out
Me bein’ a virgin, that’s idiotic
‘Cause if Big L got the AIDS every cutie in the city got it
I’m a street genius with a unique penis
Got fly chicks on my dick that don’t even speak English

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