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7.13.82 - 2.29.14

[Verse 1]
Momma said I was a good kid
Told the mortician I better not look sick
A couple of girls said I gave em good dick
I heard a mural got painted somewhere in Bushwick
Rappers that ain't answer texts were saying we mad tight
And that they cried when they heard the news last night
I made a couple top 5's, am I that nice?
It's March 1st and I'm thinking about my past life
Put a flashlight in all the bad ad-vice
Now it's half priced shirts on the rest in peace Mickey Factz site
And all the haters disappear, yeah right
Last pic on Instagram got mad likes
My niece has 1 uncle, the streets filled with drunk puddles
All my downloads have just doubled
My closet got raided, my youtube views got elevated
And new school dudes say I'm they favorite
Some chicks I heard admitted they had a crush on me
Girls act like wifey's when they were fuck buddies
Brothers turn into fans now that I'm dust homie
Bank account goes to mom, she gets the hush money
All my dogs give a bucks like Bud Bundy
Hand bread on the low, that's a hush puppy
And at the awake, crack smiles
And make sure this is played somewhere in the background mad loud

What happens if I die
Will anyone care?
Will anyone cry?
Will people get drunk?
Will people get high?
Who will say good-bye?
I really want to know what would happened if I die
Ask yourself what would happen if I die?
What would happen when I die?

[Verse 2]
I saw my body in the morgue speechless
About to meet with my Lord Jesus
I hope Brandy gets my art pieces
And tell Wes he can have my Zara suits with the long creases
Forever grateful, when the show slowed up I got song features
Now more leaches, Pudge can have my worn sneakers
But let me take it further
Tell the IRS I just got away with murder
Oh yeah, and my attorney probably mad I still owe him
I didn't get to show em my potential through my flowin'
Records never sold em
Somebody tell Catrina that I'm sorry for her heart being broken
Casket full of roses, my church probably crying
I hope my pops see my moms and start apologizing for all the dumb fighting (word)
People I offended are indifferent in defiance
Sorry I couldn't say sorry before dying
The new trending topic, posers who ain't fans going viral off my carcass
They getting likes for just reposting my coffin
Somebody in the funeral taping this as I'm talking
I can't take none of the money that I saved
All the friends that I made and all the sea level fame
And tell Q I see his [?], I'm looking for JFK
I heard him and Cobain been waiting for 4 days


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