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A Veteran's Song

The bars are crowded with wasted youth
You just went, you didnt know the truth
You dont know that kid when you look back
You remember the music, paint it black

You had a brother in the movement and he burned his card
Hes got a job in the white house, aint life hard
You came back a hero on a stolen horse
You say you dont fit in, you cant stay the course

I may be right, dont care if Im wrong
Its a veterans song
I may be right, dont care if Im wrong
Its a veterans song

The band paraded playing oh gung ho
Your country needs you, youve got to go
When you came over they said soldier go back
When you came home they put you on the rack

Between agent orange and the jungle and fear
Youre just surviving to get out of here
You smoke some more herb and you keep your head down
Could be your number is on the next round.

(mccafferty, sweet, charlton, agnew)
Publishing copyright: m.a.c.s. music
Copyright 1986 nazareth (dunfermline) ltd., dunfermline

Date Added: 1970-01-01
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