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Ain't I

Mutha Fu**in physco pass young muney cavemen mutha f**k a geico ad 44 bulldog f**k around an bite yo ass sh*ttin on you b*tches now me flush tha toilet an wipe my a** B*tch im all in i like my cash no im not i luve my doe
Got dem hoes fallin like a hundred million dominos put i dont eat pizza i eat p*ssy when he wudnt holla at ya gwalla yea b*tch its me kickin mutha f*ckas out tha kitchen heat ill put u where tha fishies sleep an when they wake you'll b tha fishies feast haha imma shark you see my finn hoe bullet leave a hole n your face not a dimpole
Straight from tha N.O. its no problemo to put a ni**a on a mutha fu**in window
Uhh damn rite im nasty how i kome thru n that white out Aston tha leathers guts an mite i add n its black on chrome like Derrick McFadden
Ya an dont b comparing my swagg wid these wack a** ni**as thats o so swaggless
Ya an kall me Mr. Swaggmore got your gurlfriend open like sum f*ckin pours Or open like sum f*ckin doors ni**a its f*ck you an im f*ckin yours Frum tha bedroom to tha floors WHORESS

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