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All Night

We in this b*tch all night
Turnt up all night
She do it all night
We do it all night

We be balling all night(all night)
You f*cking right let’s blow these bands (all night)
We can do this all night(all night)
I don’t get tired we can do this all night shorty (all night)
We be shooting all night (all night)
We about that action we be riding all night (all night)
We get money all night( all night)
B*tch you know when I do it I do it right

[Verse 1]
I twist and fight these hoes coming left and right
I’m heaving with the ice but tonight I kept it light
Bad b*tch she a dyke first time on the dirty sprite
She think she eat pussy better than me I’m like ahhh
Okay you know I got that blat blat that blat blat blat
On that purple molly with my zip about to ride these n*gga’s right now
I drink mine straight out the bottle and I roll about pound
All it takes is just one n*gga to get wrong it’s going down
B*tch I’m all about a dollar
Broke n*gga’s move around
They see you’re fine and they try to pull to the ground
They see you shining oh you know a n*gga now
The real n*gga’s bad b*tches hold me down


[Verse 2]
What you know about breaking it down and catching bites
We selling this sh*t these junkies putting in their pipes
All night thirty six all white I got pills all types I can serve you on site
Run they check up run that light make sure that Chevy running right
Then do what they don’t like you got to shoot who you don’t like
I’m going crazy in this b*tch
I’m trying to do it in one night
You thinking she won’t
But I’m thinking she might
Broke n*gg’s still make me sick I’m thinking b*tch get a life
Quit complaining about it f*ck boy pay the price( get some money)
You can roll it what you want it if you like(y’all want it)
Real talk I can do this all night


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