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And You Don't Stop

Fresh for '90 you suckers!

You don't stop, a keep on
Yo, this is the Nice in full effect..
I send this one out to my man McBoo..
Special request out to Mo, Shawn, KRS-One
and the BDP posse in full effect with Ms. Melodie..
And you don't stop
I send this one out to my man, Kool DJ Red Alert
and the Jungle Brothers..
I send this one out to my man Dino
Big Steve, and the whole 164th street posse, y'knahmsayin?
I send this one out to my man Willie Dee
Manager Mo, hehe, Simone..
And you don't stop
Yo here's a little small promo..

Bust it, listen MC's, or get broke
The mic I strike and all that's left is smoke
The mics you struck, was held by ducks
You wanna light my mic, hold up, you're outta luck
and time, chant this rhyme as I tell ya
Front on the mic tonight and I'll sell ya
a wolf ticket, to the Twilight Zone
Like Al. B Sure, you're off on your own
microphone that alone could display all day
Then I'll slay your array
of deranged rhymin, no timin
Like a mountain man I keep climbin
Over your vocals, reignin supreme
Takin me out on the mic is a dream
Age 19, and my theme
is hittin skins while I make the ends
meet while I speak straight to the weak
For those that oppose, I'll even defeat
Point blank, period, your rhymes are slayed
You're feelin the clash of the knight's crusade
So clear the stage, as I invade
When compared to me you're low grade
On this stage, you better be stable
Compared to me you're just "Crumbs On the Table"

Ha ha you don't stop, keep on, a keep comin strong
I'ma send this one out to P.E., MC Lyte ha ha
Robocop, my man Scott LaRock, ha ha!
My man Big Bob, Sidney, haha
And you don't stop, and you don't stop, and you don't stop, haha!
Word up, we outta here..
D-nice And You Don't Stop

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