Lord Philo - Behind the Mask Lyrics

Behind the Mask

Verse 1

This is poetic in a sense, poetic innocence
Captured in the event that i'm spent because i've sinned

Enough of that
Wonder what's behind the mask?
Besides a glass jaw
Past memories that i saw

Faded they're simply faded
And i don't hate it
Because i made it
And i can't help
That i need help
Well i guess i could
And i guess i should

So i guess i will
Strengthen my will

Not tryna reinvent the wheel
I'm tryna whip it zip it
Maybe create my own exhibit
Do a song with xzibit
Rip it
Flip it
Dip it
See i'm exquisite
So please don't miss it
Just hush and listen
I'm wishing

That each one of you
Can see all of me
Inspire all of you to wanna be free

See behind the mask
Bask and dream


It's much darker this time yeah cole said it
Cold headed goal getter
Not a quitter
But i'll hit you with that one hitter quitter

Mister reference raps
Yeah i'm the king of that
So quit asking why i name drop
My name's hot
That's ironic
My flows hotter
Got katanas
That cha chop ya
Ja jaw drop ya
Law lock ya
Pop ya
Eyes open up like insomnia
Better call a doctor
You gon need one literally
Killer emcee
Greater than me
Nobody be
Why can't you see
Just who i be

Feeling freer
Than five fingers discounts

Discount me you get discounted
Without rapping i'd probably turn up dead
Now my future's looking very kate uptonnn
What up then? haha

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