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Bill Gates Remix

Oh shit (yeahh) Busta Rhymes (yeahh) on this Lil Wayne remix...shit is crazy right here (yeahh) Lets GO

[Busta Rhymes]
Okay, here comes the great white you little tadpole, my moneys like a fat bitch she had a cash roll. Combination lock safe bread stash old, and white shit with small face just call me asshole. You mad my word touch the street like an a postal hater, im a turn your crew to a circle or squares like a waffle maker. I gotta have it, even if it ain't mine, i gotta pocket paper. I put a strong hole in every hood see how i lock it major. And why you wondering w-whos that nigga coming in, sounding? like the voice of god do you speak a thundering. The killer of the beat and how im giving you the eating how i kill em in the street how im magically and somebody better watch their step yep thats me yep. Son did ask me who's nicest cry baller, i don't call you son because you shine like one bitch i'm your father. Cause i fathered so many styles, like if you plain and i charter, tell they respect me and then amortize me like a mortar. I'm laughing with you, being at you think it's funny, cause that hundred thousand in my truck is cling diamond money. What's the issue now this shit is so official with the stare we got em amp, if you ain't know i do it, over niggas cash should i spit me leaving pretty bitches once and them damp. Undisputed with spit, i've been to fed of me is the champ. It dont matter if you debate and wanna rave and wanna rant and cooperate the god name in every religious chant go........

[Lil Wayne]
Skinny ass pants
Fresh pair of vans
If you niggas keep trippin? nigga share an ambulance
Throw up blood with my hands
My gang poppin? niggas smoke that kush and not that reggie
For you name droppin? niggas
All day I do it
I do it like Tony
Got a sign on my dick that say ?bad bitches only?
I don?t drink champagne, it make my stomach hurt
Man I?m on that Patron, fuck with me wrong and get murked
Got a silencer on the gun, that bitch go ?pu?
Got-Got a mean ass swagga, my bitches do too
Yeah all my niggas nuts and I?m a loose screw
Bitch I get big bucks, pockets on bruce bruce
Yeah I talk that shit bitch I got bread, bitch I got toast

Welcome to the murder show I am the muthfucking host
They call me Weezy F Baby yes I do the fucking most
I?m at their throats until they choke
The God has spoke I need a smoke wait (smoke wait)
Now let it breath to em

It goes all these bitches and nigas still hatin?
I used to be a baller but now I?m Bill Gatin?
Got a list full of problems, I tend to em later
Yeah life is a bitch but I appreciate her man

All these bitches and nigas still hatin?
Yea I used to be a baller but now I?m Bill Gatin?
Got a list full of problems, I tend to em later
Yeah life is a bitch but I appreciate her man

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