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Bleak Future

Enter at your own risk
My name’s only mentioned with a “oh shit!”
Throw shots at your head and I don’t miss
Find revenge in the center of a cold dish
It’s rarely a dream, alien brain
Talons and fangs stabbing your frame
Barely insane, hoping that my feet don’t fail me today
I’m a man of coordinance with a man of war, or that man from Saw
With a random sword you can’t ignore
Never seen a shark that ran on the land before
I’m a man, a myth
On your ? I run a scam like evangelists
Then I rise from the land where Atlantis is
And then I land from a planet that can’t exist
Either way, you don’t know what you in for
Hate strain mixed with a great dane, you sick dog
Hit the bong and emit a cloud of thick fog
On his job, running through your bitch squad like a quick jog
I was conjured in a dark lab
Powered by the gas from massive stars and the same hearts a shark has
You’ll get scared with a hard jab
You’ll pay if you run up and charge, see Tabs’ bars are a bar tab
This is not that trash rap that you’re used to
So ahead of my time I get flashbacks to the future
You the most massive of tumors I have to remove ya
Faster than data passes through a super NASA computer
The original seed, to hip hop I am Proto-Earth
Still you can’t find someone who’s been promo’d worse
I’ll go and spit a solo verse that can’t be described by the one thousand words that a photo’s worth
I was raised away from city snickers
And educated by the creators of noogies and titty twisters
I survived short summers and shitty winters
Rocking a full house with my DJ, no Kimmy Gibbler
Your pussy fleet took it deep in these crooked streets
While me and mine was in the kitchen cookin’ beef you couldn’t eat
I’ve been told I shouldn’t speak but presently listening to too much Future, got our future lookin’ bleak

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