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Blow (mick Boogie Mix)

Juelz: yeah dipsetWayne: yeahJuelz: f**k wit ya boyJuelz: it's santanaWayne: yeahJuelz: yeah man i'm back at itJuelz: come onJuelz:crimes, gangsters, niggas and bitchesi'm back on my "A" game is you gettin the picturewhat upand last album they don't like me to tell thisthey undershipped my record they aint spect me to sell shitshut upthats what they tellin meswitch up your melodyyou hot but you dont pop your recordll be sellin threef**k offi aint no damn puppetima do what i wanna do just as long as my fans love itand if that can't cut itf**k itdrop me, watch meblow up on another label i'm cockyheyyou better realize paim a real live starask your kids if they feel my barsthey'll tell youhell yeaask him is he just runnin his mouth oris really the one to look out forhe'll tell youhell yeayea he's the one to look out forhe's not just runnin his mouth yallhe'll tell you[Blow (mick Boogie Mix) lyrics on]no waynuh uhi've been hotter than you doto me this shit is easier than tyin my two shoesyou young cats sound old and retiredlike your flows on a dietyou aint feeding the people rightyepit's like food when i rapthey get full when i raplike slick rick said the ruler is backWayne:8 am open my eyesyea kick my bitch tell her open the blinds and imover the scope at 9yeai'm cooking breakfast for the blocks and i let her cook mineyeaquick line in the bathroom before we bouncenot me i mean her she go a day a ounce damnyall pray for herwhile im at the bus station in the bentley sittin low as i wait for yaim gettin dough i'm a bakerboy i will take yafor the right paperboy i will take hertake hertape herwaist upsend her to the money she be back before i wake upha get your cake upyall niggas lamed upshould probly get your game up when i'm giving this dame upmy name wayne whathot boy flame upyou niggas tryin to change up when i'm getting my change up

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