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Breaking Out

Standing in the valley of indecisionTrying to make some sense out ofA strange condition that we seeI've gotta find a way out ¡®causeNobody would listenSo I turn my back and now i'mOn my wayChorus:Breaking out...i'm on my wayBreaking out...Breaking out...i'm on my wayBreaking out...I hear the things thy tell me butI don't believe it...Gotta find a place where I canBreathe and just be me...Gonna shake up the worldInto a new positionNow I'm letting you know thatI am on my way...Repeat chorus[Breaking Out lyrics on]I can't stop this feeling deepInside of meNow I finally see the reasonWhy...In my heart I know it's notSome fantasy...When I lift my eyes up to theSky...SoloIt's a brand new day, but itSeems like an old onePeople playing games, but it'sNo game I want to playThey tried to hand me the diceBut I knw they were loadedSo I turned my back and nowI'm on my wayRepeat chorus

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