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Burn This City

[Verse 1: Lil Wayne]
Stop playin with me
Cannon in my hand
And I'll be damned
If any man
Disrespect me on my land
Intercept a nigga plans
An effective ass nigga
I'm a f-f-fireman, but I'll wet that ass nigga
My vessel pump liquor, I'm a special-ass nigga
No frontin I'm in front of these extra-last niggas
I'm a extra bad nigga, I'm a sideways shooter
Open up the Maserati
Fuck the highway troopers
Cause nowadays dudes'll
Run and tell the troopers
So I hope that same trooper could
Find you when I lose ya
Hey, these niggas talkin' at the side of they medullas
Preserve a nigga put his body in a cooler
Turn 'em into ice, call me Weezy the jeweler
Run up on me boy and get smoked like Buddha
Who the fuck wanna get it in ya next breath
Gasoline on your door steps, fire

I'm the fireman, fire, fa-fireman, Ow
You can spark it up and I'mma put you out
Weezy, allergic to wintertime - HOT

[Verse 2: Twista]
Uh, Twista, Cash Money
Niggas shook by Twista
Lil Weezyana status, show em heaven (uh huh)
Call a reverend, I'm a burn em up like ladder 47, with a mac 11
Try to shoot up every part a you with my arsenel
I'm an arsonist(Say what)
With a 40 cal with a 50 clip
Uh, uh, you don't want a part of this (What)
Let me do your medulla, pop your oblongata, call a doctor
Homie your are not Baby, not the Twista, and not the Carter
(Uh uh)
Don't be comin' up to me actin' pity while I carry Glocks to carve ya (Yeah)
Stop tomorrow
You can break my hands, I write with my mind
You can't stop the author (yeah)
Try to run up on the block, why bother (yeah)
I'mma shoot em with the pump
Then I go and throw his body in a ditch
No one will ever find ya and won't nobody
Talk about you cause I'm a real street mobster (No)
Ghetto gangstas don't eat pasta
Only fuck with the shrimp and the lobster
Murder that pussy hole in ya boy while I'm dressed up like a rasta (Papapa)
New Orleans and Chi connect, stay burnin' sticky (what)
And we gettin scummy
Steady gettin' money
That's why I'm up on fifty, shit
I only be fuckin' with niggas that's earnin' with me
If you try you gon' die
On fire, cause I'm so high
Watch how we burn this city


[Verse 3: Lil Wayne]
Ya know, ya know, uh-huh, uh-huh, yeah, yeah
Sicker than a bird flu
I am the Birdman junior, and you niggas just bird food
We livin' in a whirlpool
You got to eat or get ate
And you look like bait
Don't you stick one hand over the gate
This dog treat you niggas just like steak
I'm that nigga
Take a break
My fuck up is a perfect mistake
I'm great
Renegade music
My flows' stupid
I'm cold, I spit mucus
I'm tight like sutures
Righteous, ruthless
Strapped, shoot ya
We rich, sue us
Snitch, leave em
Ditch, sewers
Pushin up Daisies, Roses, Petunias
Wakes, funerals, service, communion
I'm hotter than a motherfuckin' Hot Boys reunion


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