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Cashville Solid

solider heartless with ths AK you cant kill me
im God's best friend, i feel when the devil near me
you can see it clearly, its death before dishonor,
when it come down to the drama im the black osama
they hate me but cant break me, go head and seperate me
cause the rap game didnt make me
the streets is what raised me
and i might get hit but i wont fall down,
aint enough water for buck to drown
aint enough dollars im not around,
id rather stay home smarter now
stand my ground, focus man
swear that i'll never go broke again
all im sayin just know im here
even though im not close to them,
whatever dont kill me make me stronger
you stop but i last longer
you hot but im pneumonia
hard to get off when i get on ya
still smokin my marijuana, my chevy still turnin corners,
so clean u know what i mean, i am the american dream
my crown it cant be took, its cool im overlooked
my life cant go in no book, bredren bring in the hook

Date Added: 2009-05-28
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