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Comin' Dyne

(Hook x5)
Coming dyne and I'm flexin'
Haters mad and I'm flexin'
See the way I be commin' dyne
With them diamonds all on my necklace

Big money, bad bitches, a lot of diamonds, that's my life
It wasn't easy, I had to hustle, used to kick the door in and shoot them dice
No love from anybody nigga, but I gotta hell of a lot of love from me
I sell drugs to everybody nigga, cause I gotta hell of a hustler in me
I roll around in a conversion van, my wrist game sick, I got Persian hands
Fuck shortstoppin', I'm a long stop homie
The corner will never be yours again, no
Ridin' around and I'm gettin' it Codein fuckin' over my kidneys
And I ain't came here to play, I came here to handle my motherfuckin' business

(Hook x5)

Mo' City, it's my hood, I neva eva eva eva claim another place
All my haters, they don't like that
But after I run the menz in they motherfuckin' face
I'm at the intersection, expensive whip
Diamonds make a red light look green
Swear to god some nice ass ridin' with the kid
And the HIDs make it look mean
I don't need no bodyguard, fake people watchin' ova my body, Lord
Got the 357 and the F.N. on me
Heard they ain't evolved, all my best friend owe me
Talk about tryn, you come on down, you ain't gotta wait
You can come on now
Fuck it, I'mma come to you, runnin
I'm murdering everybody then I run on by
I am the floyd mayweather of rap in Houston, Texas
Maybe that's the reason other rappers don't wanna
Give me dab in Houston, Texas
I was built for this, they wasn't built for this
Respect ain't just a name they gotta kill for it
King of the Ghetto what they call me
And hide if you come and get it on scene

(Hook x5)

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