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Cream Of The Crop

[Chorus: Tilian & Jon Mess]
Hey you, are you sleeping in the woods?
Hey you, are you sleeping like you should?
Are we pandas or camels or birds in a flock?
Are we caricatures, are we cream of the crop?

[Verse 1: Tilian, Jon Mess]
Started at the bottom of the page
Skipped right to the ending for a glimpse of your fate
Do you get the better of the fame?
Or do you let it shatter over bonds that you've made?
You love that staff, I get that back
My ass bamboo
I see the zebra f-f-flustered in thе zoo
You go from green to red and mean
Then down to bluе
We're on the tenth
Is it the end or chapter 2?
[Hook: Tilian]
Hoping when it feels like you've been chosen
You keep your ego from exploding
Check yourself and you'll be rolling on

[Verse 2: Jon Mess]
No sleep, I feel dead
Blend me in the wall, merge with bed
The mind is mush and I'm leaping off the back of my head
When my own critique is all I've read

[Pre-Chorus: Tilian]
Give it some time, you may be selling out somebody
Stick to your guns and never sell out 'cause you want it
When it gets heavy, you can bail out
Regather, take a beat and come back steadier than ever
They'll only know you by your disguise
Don't have to show them every single side

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