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Two Secret Weapons

[Verse 1: Tilian]
Fully automatic
Two secret weapons that'll save me from the static
Was at the pinnacle of melancholy fading
But I counteract the aging tonight, tonight, tonight, tonight

[Pre-Chorus: Tilian]
Cut me open
Compensate me for what time has stolen
Slow erosion
Cut me open
Sick and tired of going through the motions
Make me golden again
[Chorus: Tilian]
Getting to the age where I need more than my gorgeous hair
Panic on the planet, every Janet screaming "Life's not fair"
Wanna be the mama to makе everybody stop and stare
Takе me to nirvana and make everybody stop and stare

[Verse 2: Tilian]
Beauty panoramic
Come on and give it to me deep as the Atlantic
I got a medical advantage
They're gigantic and I'm playing all my cards tonight, tonight, tonight, tonight
Was looking for something I lost and now I'm found
Killed off a demon that was gnawing at my energy
Tied up by generation 'til I came unbound

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Date Added: 2022-08-17
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