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Daughter of The Night

One way in and one way outYou don't know what it's all aboutYou look to the leftYou look to the rightThe brightest day and the darkest nightChorus:And if you see me stealin' awayYou better believe that I'd muchRather stayDaughter of the nightEverything rightIs getting to you babySister of the sunBorn on the runJust let me move you babyOn the road well I been told[Daughter of The Night lyrics on]The people need a highway codeThe harder the chaseThe sweeter the catchI ain't the driver but you met your matchChorusYou can win and you can loseListen mama you got to chooseYou can give up tryin'Or break downГ­ cryin'Or keep on goin'Change your mindChorus

Date Added: 2007-10-06
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