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Dead Bodies

[Lil Wayne Verse]
Young Mula Baby
Money on my mind
(what the) fuck a nigga thought?
He ain't even thank
He didn't even see me with the pistol in the shade
Walked up to him put the pistol to his tank
Pussy nigga faint
Pick that pussy up
Naw let him lay
Where I'm from we see a fuckin dead body everyday [x3]

Hammer in the draws
Hammer in drawers
And ya'll ain't nothin but nails in the wall
Posters, holsters
Empty like a muthafucka
Off my hip, clip empty like a muthfucka
Hehe, ok simply I'm a bug- lover
It's fly carter, duckin the fly swatter
Simply, I'm a muhfucka
Pimpin' ain't dead, because I'm pimpin like a muhfucka

Now where ya ho at?
Wipe ya feet on the door mat
I'm a bring in, no back
Like em to go with no back
I'm a-go forward, the top can get lower, them hoes 'gon get cut
Like a sword, I know it
You ain't gotta tell me
I already smell it
You pussy niggas eatin' peanut butter and jellys
Ya los' like angeles
But you can find me in the white tan Ellis
Just like Van Halen
I'm a rock out bitch
I'm a wear that Glock like a fucking outfit
I don't care what you know
You ain't no nothin' 'bout this
And I hope your ass choke when you suck my dick

[Gudda Gudda]
Ok, I’m strapped up
Im strapped up, downtown many acts straight jackets ain’t strapped up
And scrappin we could do, see scrappin what we do
And I’m like let me at em! Call me Scrappy Doo
Hazardous to scrap with you I ain't lookin stupid
You beat me? Too bad, bitch, I’m comin back shootin!
Fool I’m a fool, I do what I do
It’s like fixing broke cars, which tools i'mma use?
Tha Tech or the Uz, the Mac or the Rug
Catch you when it’s just you, You’re like “it wasn’t just you!”
I guess i’m just to real for niggas to adjust to
Fuck me? Naw bend over nigga, fuck you
See I know what’s what, who’s who, and who is you
Move you lose you move an inch and more ligaments that you could lose
I’ll put you on the 10 O'clock news
One, two, buckle ya shoes
Here come the Kid who
Ooo gloves Uz will fill up your old wounds
Dudes using more tools than Tim from Home Improve
Then I play it cool, smooth as James Brown shoes
Don’t play with him cuz shoot he’ll shoot
I’m loose as a goose on that goose with them hoes
I’m playin duck duck goose, boy I’m slick like mouse
I’m tha truth not a fluke I’m a murderer, Fuck you!
Put niggas on mute like

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