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Diamonds On My Neck (Freestyle)

[Verse 1: Lil Wayne]

Young Weezy in this motherfucker handcuff her
She ain't nothin' but some stairs, I done ran up her
I feel player haters' stares, they ain't sayin' nothin'
They ain't makin' 'nough from jacks, they ain't takin' nothin'
I be wakin' up the ma, we just straight fuckin'
She get a date with the boy, bitch super lucky
And the money stills smell like the stuff
I've been countin' all day, got a hundred paper cuts
Got a, mouth of syrup and a white paper cup
Leanin' like a motherfucker, might not even say wassup
I'm the personal trainer, take the key, shape it up
Got rocks on my neck, nigga get your nature up
Smokin' on that bubble gum got a nigga numb
90 G's each wrist make a bitch cum
I just spent a Maserati on my chain man
So when I'm movin' I just say I'm switchin' lanes man
Made a permanent stain, my name name-brand
Bet I schooled your bitch with no game plan
I'm a rock star, niggas know the block part
Niggas know I got bread, toast and pop-tarts
Hard top cars, drop tops as well
Hard work, soft work, chop chop and sell
Cock block hand held, pop pop oh well
Diamonds on my whole chain, flamin' up the whole L

[Hook: Biggie Smalls] x2
Diamonds on my neck, dia-diamonds on my neck
Diamonds on my neck, dia-diamonds on my neck
I'm smokin' pounds of green, smokin' pounds of green
Smokin' pounds of green, smokin' pounds of green

[Verse 2: Lil Wayne]
Hot boy baby, hotter than them other boys
Standin' by the heater in the summer with the oven on
I'm the nigga that your baby mama lovin' on
Spend your child support on the dress and it's coming off
The youngin is somethin' stunnin' with the tummy off
The Testarosa got a ulcer, I'm just stuntin' ya'll
Birdman JR, I get that money ya'll
Workin' that traffic, call me the cross guard
I ball hard like the playoffs bitch
Ya'll niggas ain't playin' in the championship, shit
Where my streets at, nigga where my G's at?
Red rags up, where my where my B's at?


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