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Don't Be

[Verse 1]
It felt like a nightmare
She was wide awake the whole time
And sad
A stew of emotions
Confused with which one to go with
She shook hands as they kissed her cheek
And whispered cliches to fix her
"I'm sorry for your loss, dear."
"He was so young."
"Life is not fair."
She thanked them all with a head nod
Trying to turn every thought in her head off

[Verse 2]
Every head nod to a sorry
Really meant
"Don't be."
It really meant
"Feel sorry for his family."
"I shouldn't be here."
Smeared tears
Were it not for the man in the casket;
It gets deeper
Her little secret;
She was gone way before he departed
For-sale sign in the front yard lawn
Before any crash took life from his body
The love for him escaped hers
She tried to find it
She looked behind every memory
But it was gone like now becomes later
She should've told him
Now it's too late to

[Verse 3]
She kept staring at his eyelids
Remembering that last goodnight kiss
Her eyes were open
Hoping she'd have the courage tomorrow to open up
But home he never made it
That tomorrow never came and
Today she wrestles with the guilt
While still living off what he left her in the will...

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