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Everlasting Breath

I've got a whole new conscience, a brand new peace of mind,
The hardest part was letting go of the life I left behind,
And it's true, I was blind, but now I see,
I tried to forget but I remember everything,
And I looked so deep in myself and I cried that whole night,
I tried so hard to make my life look like right,
But I gave up on it all and now I breathe,
Just let me take a breath, yeah yeah that everlasting breath,
My biggest fear is death, and now that I've confessed,
I've been abundantly blessed.

Close your eyes, this is what you see,
This is what you think, this is real life, this is reality,
I've got so many people doubting me, but that pushes me
To try harder, yeah to try my best, so what if life is just a test,
Well I don't want to fail, and I'm not going to,
I'll forgive these ignorant people that aint going through,
Have the things I do, and this pain puts restrain on my thoughts,
But in the worst of my days I thank god thank I've got the ability to be hurt,
Because once you feel it for yourself, you realize what it's worth,
And dear god sometimes it hurts so bad I want to stop,
But like I said, I'm just thankful for what I've got,
And a quitter is something I'm not,
I have got to push myself and now you're mad because
I don't need your help anymore,
Because I've got a friend in the lord,
He helped me save myself, he showed me that with him, I don't need nobody else,
I look to him he tells me where to go,
If I live by him, there's no way for me to go wrong,
Listen to the words of this song,
They're coming from the depths of my heart,
Feels like I got a brand new start...

Date Added: 1970-01-01
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