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To The Fatherless

Have you ever felt empty and alone,
And like no matter what you do
There's always something missing
Like no matter where you go
You're never going to be accepted
Like the world is spinning and you want to stop it
For just one moment

On July 18, 2006 I was placed in a mental hospital sick
I tried to take my own life, and for that I spent 8 nights
All alone, I realized how lucky I was to have a home
At such a time, my dad shows up
My impression of him was like " so what?"
You can never come around until I'm about to die
What makes you think I really need you in my life?
Besides, you didn't come here to help me,
You came here to make me cry
And you just left me again
And with you, you took all my friends
And now I've got no one,
But I'm forced to go on

When I think of you, I wonder how you must feel
Does it hurt to know your own kid try to kill
Herself? turned to a razor for help, because you weren't there
When I needed you the most and it hurts me even more to know
You left me again, but this time with no hope
But I'll count on myself to cope
And in a few years when you see how good I make it,
And when I'm finally happy, don't dare try to take it
And if I find it in me, to open up again
That doesn't mean I'm going to let you break me again
You havn't been a good father
Not even a good friend
I still love you
I'll forgive you again

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