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Lyrical Consent

Now before I spit this verse, don't get the shit confused
Yes I'm a girl, don't act like that is old news,
And yes it's true, I'm on the verge of being lesbian,
And if you have a problem you can come find me and,
We'll settle this like grown ups do,
That's something you're just not used to,
These people love to start drama,
They don't like for it to end,
But I can not take no more
Now I just refuse to bend,
I'm at my wits end,
Don't mess with me now cause' I'm liable to explode,
I'll leave you empty minded, your eyes blinded,
Then you're tables will erode,
And then you can apologize for all the shit you put me through,
And then I'll go about my biz,
Cause' I don't listen to your ish,
Now you've got one wish
Go ahead and grant it to yourself,
Cause' once I'm through with you
You're gonna need some serious help,
I've told you all not to mess with me
I didn't mean that hypathetically,
Come on and take a shot at me,
I'll give you one free hit,
But I can not garuntee you're gonna live after it,
You should have listened when I told you,
I don't take no shit

See people love to talk, but they never back it up
You've succeeded in your goals now,
I'm about to fuck you up,
But I'll do this lyrically, I don't need no guns,
But if you put your hands on me,
I will blow up,
And that's a different story,
That you wont live to tell,
I'll give you a free ticket on the express way to hell,
So next time you want to start shit,
You better back it up,
Cause' if not,
You've got another thing coming,
I wont hesitate to do some ish,
And have your ass running

Date Added: 1970-01-01
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