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Broken Promises

This is to all the broken promises, dedicated to anonymous,
I can not stand to say your name, fuck life, fuck love,
And everything in between,
You said whatever, and hung up the phone,
I just sat there and listened to the fuckin' dail tone,
I said I'd never hurt you,
I said I'd never leave,
Forgive me for those lies please,
You are the one that did believe that we,
Would honestly be together forever,
And now you're sucking up because you want me back,
And I'm like "fuck you, you're the one that asked for this",
So here's your kiss goodbye, and I'm not gonna lie,
I do miss you a little bit,
But I'm just sick of being treated like shit,
This is what you wanted so,
This is what you get,
I really wish that you would quit calling me,
Just face it, there's not gonna be,
And us again, I wont remain your lover,
But I will be your friend,
And I'll love your from a distance,
You asked me for 5 minutes,
So here's a few,

I'm really sorry if I hurt you, you hurt me too,
It was hard for me to do this, but I had to do,
What I had to do,
And I don't really see how,
You can point me out,
In this lifeless crowd,
When I'm the one trying to help you out,
Thought I couldn't see myself without you,
But I know I know I'm really better off without you,
And you know what I'm about to do?
I'm about to move on,
Try to get my groove on, yeah
And I don't feel bad, actually I'm kinda glad,
Because I know that you're happy,
You're just trying to pretend, you're just mad cuz
I threw you in the bin, and you can't accept the fact
That we will remain as friends

Date Added: 1970-01-01
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