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Life Time War

Enraging myself with anger, you just made a big mistake
Left yourself in danger, didn't your parents tell you not to talk to strangers
God gave me this talent, such a shame it goes to waste
Sick of all these people full of hate, but now days that's really all they demonstrate
I'm just trying to make it on my own,
It's kinda hard cause' I'm almost grown,
So I've wasted all this time, screaming the obvious truth,
But aparentilly there was just no use, that's why I'm burying my childhood,
6 feet into the dirt, underneath this hate filled earth
And when I turn around and leave this cemitary,
It's really scary,
This burdens get difficult for me to carry,
I am letting go of a big part me,
So pardon me,
I've been through more than you know, so,
You probably wont understand,
And all this time I've just been reaching out for a hand,
Luckily there's been a slight change in plans,
From now on, I dedicate this art to my fans,
Even if it's just a few, it'll give me something to do
And in the meantime, I've got some big dreams to persue

Even though life gets rough, and difficult to encounter
I've got to do this for myself and lay my life out on the counter,
I wanna prove to everybody that happiness is just a virtue,
If you give it to the world, it'll come right back to you,
What goes around comes around,
The difficulty in life is itself, even if it's heaven bound,
Happiness is what I've found in then end,
So when you fall to the ground, and feel like laying there
For the rest of time, and when it's very difficult to convince your mind,
Take the time, to remind yourself, you gotta help
The inside you, before you can lead others to the end of the road
It's true, and everything you go through is to prepare yourself,
For so much more, so just take in it as preparation for this lifetime war.

Date Added: 1970-01-01
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