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Everything Will Be Fine

Ay, what up Mami
It's your boy Weezy, yeah
You need to ride with me on this one
I'm so great my homies think i'm artistic

[Verse 1]
Now in the drop you'll find me
On my way to get you, cause I got you Mami
I know you got some issues tryna stop you Mami
But I'm a little more ahead, let me spot you Mami
I have you, as we drive through the east side
Stop through my honey chrome right along the beach side
Ay, how can I answer at your sweet mind
Tell me 'bout your day
I know I heard about it 3 times
Hah, okay, I'm waitin' on my fourth time
And later on the 5th, so I don't forget
I got my lady in the whip, she got my name on her hip
And she don't let another name out her lip, uh huh, gangsta
See, if I don't play 'round and she gon' stay down
So last summer, I retire my number, ho
So no, I can't jot you my number though
My nigga real think you hot as a mother, but

Baby girl, I know that we can make it through the weather
As long as we strong, everything will stay together
When times get hard, long as we call upon the Lord
Everything will be fine, everything will be fine

[verse 2]
I will ne-e-ever leave you girl
Like R. Kelly said, while the R. Kelly played
Full time mother, you work hard everyday
I wake up beside you, thank the Lord everyday
Oh, beautiful woman, I look forward everyday
Just to see that childhood scar on your face, hah
I got a Tony Montana chick
If your girl get out of line, she a manner chick?
If my world get out of line, she program my shit
I know my shit do stink, but she can stand my shit
I got the flip-flop paint on her standard shift
Dot 6 Range Rover, I advance my bitch
How you gon' go get some pants like that
With an ass like that, you know I'm bad for that
But you ain't gotta answer that
Long as every time I call you answer back
I said


Ride with a G and come join me on this adventure
Hop on the beat and put your ass on the 20 inches
I'll slide you the key, you wait for me after the concert
I promise I'll leave straight from the stage to under you skirt
Got riders with me, but don't mind them, they only homies
They only gonna let you get on me, so get on me
The song the DJ playin' is my own, so get on me
I'm only gonna let you get on me, so get on me


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