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(Turn up) Nah for real, I do this
Killas, ganstas, all my niggas shooters
Thugging, trapping, all my coupes is roofless
All about my money, ain't about money then you're useless

[Hook: Young Buck x Lloyd Banks]

Bitch I'm rich, stupid, all my girls exclusive
You hating, you useless, every day your new shit
Man I'm reckless, ruthless, ruger, rollie
Rolls, racks, on deuces, you know me
They ain't know me bet they know me now
Yeah they know me now, we all rocky when we roll around
Try to stop me and it's going down
Down to fuck this money up, new bills on the ground

[Verse 1: Yo Gotti]

Bitch I'm hood rich, five or six million on some hood shit
Rolls Royce on 28s, Chevy sit on 26s
Rollie watch got karats in the bezel, bitch I'm turning up
Hottest nigga out the south, yeah bitch I'm burning up
Condo on the beach, super freak, she know how we roll
Suck the dick and fuck me good I love my partners fuck these hoes
In the club I'm drinking gold, metallic pink I'm drinking rose
Pocket full of aces, popping aces, that's how balling goes
Nigga nigga nigga nigga, on my all gold like Trinidad
You a fuck boy, you been a fag, just bought my bitch a Celine bag
Nigga nigga nigga nigga, this king shit and queen shit
Get money serve fiend shit, yeah this that team bitch
Yo Gotti


[Verse 2: Lloyd Banks]

I'm climbing up, diamond up
On whole walls like Spiderman
Fuck waitin' till I die nigga, get the work on my hologram
Violate get your cell cracked, put that man in a frying pan
Hang up like your cell tat, these niggas better off dying damn
Damn I'm clean in my old school, black paint for these gold jewels
I'm running through all these bad hoes at a fast pace
When we boat cruise, racks paid for these dope shoes
Racks making these so smooth, my feet up, I'm G'd up
I kick back laid on these ProTools like Uhh
My style sound like around the way
Fucking off about a quarter clip, I made 100 thou a day
Stepping out my morning chick, I get bored as shit by the afternoon
Nineteen when I bought a whip, I'm sick, where my padded room


[Verse 3: Lil Reese]

Some hating nigga, you useless
Any day and we come outside, got 30 on us we ain't tooless
And 300 that be my squad, we gone show you how we do this
I came up from shit, I look around now like who this
No new faces, we shoot shit
From 300 to O block, boy all my niggas ruthless
We catch an Op, we shoot shit
Them broke boys ain't got shit
Stunt on them, make them sick
Damn phantom eli had to do this shit
Pull up on them in a new whip
Damn boy how the fuck you do that shit
Every day it's a new bitch, I hit her then I pass the bitch
Can't stop me, it ain't going down
Might let off thirty shots up in this bitch
Smoke so much kush, by the pound
Try to play them games get man down
Why you talk, ambulance pick em up now
Try to play them games get man down


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