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Forever (Remix)

Before i get started
polo this beat is retarted
so ima go short yellow bus flow
and take your heart like
feburary 1 4
yall know i do what i did
so go and does what you do
and you should come with the flu
cuz girl u sick shwaty jus sick
and she see dr. carter
i got the orda
i make her tell her boyfried not to botha
hehe cuz we get bizzy we get silly
we get really drunk
and we do anythang we want
and we go anywhere she like
but its only for the night until forever
im so on antha level
im on antha pedalstall
my foot is on tha pedal
i never ever swevre baby
im on dat syrup baby
i no u fast but i can make u er baby
dnt hit the curve baby
ur sexy sure baby
i no ur hot but i can make you hotter baby
like fur maybe
no we got PETA hatin
but we put great to the test
and now we tha greatest
and weezy he the greatest
and this beat the greatest and polo he the greatest
rest in peace pimp c tha greatest im gone
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It's you and me moving
At the speed of light into eternity yea,
Tonight is the night to join me in the middle of ecstasy.
Feel the melody in the rhythm of the music around you, around you
I'ma take you there,
I'ma take you there,
So don't be scared
I'm right here baby
We can go anywhere, go anywhere
But first it's your chance,
Take my hand come with me

It's like I've waited my whole life for this one night
It's gonna be me you and the dance floor
'cause we've only got one night
Double your pleasure
Double your fun and dance
Forever (ever, ever)
Forever (ever, ever)
Forever (ever, ever)
Forever (ever, ever)
Forever (ever, ever)
Forever (ever, ever)
Forever on the dance floor

It's a long way down,
We're so high off the ground,
Sending for an angel to bring me your heart
Girl, where did you come from?
Got me so undone,
Gazing in your eyes got me singing what a beautiful lady
No "if"s, "and"s or "maybe"s
I'm releasing my heart and it's feeling amazing
There's no one else that matters
you love me and I won't let you fall girl
Let you fall girl oh

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