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Let's do it (Forever)

And that I will
Yess, Gotta get 'em

[Verse 1]
Fee! Straight up gangsta, Hollygrove gangsta
Lay a nigga down in pink stuff
Them soft ass dudes just think tough
We shoot and put them shanks up
We tryin' live to summer and put them minks up
I'm sinked up in the coupe, the eyes chinked up
Pull up on a bitch at the light, that night linked up
Whole lotta shit in the life of a young boss
Bet that V.V.S. ice will bite your face off
Yeah, I ignite and take off, now catch up
I'm the best doing it, c'mon niggas 'fess up
Nigga feel different he could chess up and guess what
I bring it to his chest, to his right lung and left lung
Nigga get a check up, nigga put ya cheque up
I swear I'm on fire, need water like a hick-up
So I guess I might as well can say that
I'm the best today and (Forever)

[Verse 2]
Yeah, candy paint!
T, I'm ridin' in the peppermint
Even my leather got leather trim
I'm on another element
I keep somethin' in the trunk like a elephant
Bet you remember it, like a elephant
I got this rap bottled up like medicine
Who's better than? Fuck him!
I probably fucked her, ah what's new
And if you hatin' on us, yeah fuck you
And if them bitches wanna fuck us, we wanna fuck too
What a coincidence
And we cause accidents, not incidents
I am big shit, they're inci-wints
They're not even a letter in my sentences
Sittin' in my coupe on 20-inch
So it's like I'm fencing bitch
I will stunt (Forever)
So stop being defensive bitch
I'm relentless bitch, I'm in this shit (Forever)
Now end this shit

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