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See I don't socialize just to tell social lies
My actions be on point with what I vocalize
Let my rhymes colonize your eyes and your minds
Like drunks who crash, rappers get sober-ized
I got so much lyrics, I think I'm insane
And I bang my head 'til my neck feel pain
I could be the equivalent of Tylenol
While rhyming, so rowdy, I start riots in the mall
I could be all I could be, then fuck with the army
I can supply you grenades and can't a nigga harm me
I can see you commercial, what do you advertise?
Haven't you heard the revolution will not be televised?
I could keep repeatin' what's already been said
But you really oughta know like Alanis Morissette
It's steep when cats slip, they slippy, yo it's deep
Their rhymes just can't seem to hit me
And I'm home when I'm on the microphone
Let me tell you about the wack emcee syndrome
Cats who got it, no doubt, are easily spotted
They always want the mic and they cheesy about it
They always overestimate how tight they are
Breathing all heavy like somebody jacked they car
I wouldn't listen to you if you stole my ear drum
I'd find alternative places to hear from
It's clear everyone is dead over here
'Cause when I rhyme, I get on a celestial essay
Yo, the forces move my mind and of course it's
K'naan, dusty foot philosopher
Niggas come forge this and I spit corpse...

Date Added: 2017-08-21
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