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Get it, Get It

[opening skit for 12 seconds]

Aiyyo 56 Ruckers, we bust kids, fuck it
Show 'em what's up with a slug on the thug tip
Rugged lil' culprit, hit you upside your
Nugget for the ducats, blood come in buckets
Might stain your Chuckers, reverse up a 1-way
Dumpin from a Cutlass, whattup bitch? Fuck this
Wear that well, I hope the slug hit your mug
'til the pulp is leakin out your skull, I'm occultist
Pump this in your whip, niggas love this
Justice for all my black men that was this
Or still is this, they my cousins, buggin
Seperatin women from they husbands
I govern the block while I'm bubblin
Hustlin hard on the job like I'm muggin
But I'm rappin, I'm like a oven
Turned up to broil kid, don't get shoved in

[Hook 2X: Pacewon]
You could get it get it, if you want it want it
You could get it get it, if you want it want it
If you 'bout it 'bout it, there's no doubt about it
You're the one they doubted, now you're the one that's whylin

Aiyyo 9-M stay on the waist, son
(Like y'all can't fuck with Pace-Won)
Be careful, brothers don't step because most be scared to
Cause the next thing they see me
In all three rearview mirrors straight comin at 'em
I'm a quarterback, watch me run a pattern
L swing strike 45 one
That means I bring like 45 guns
45 pumps, Gordy like what
Before we light up, shorty might run
Cause Pace make you short out 83 circuits
I'm Michael Myers, she Jamie Lee Curtis
Hit 'em with a whip, then I blast through shades
Like "Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade"
But this ain't the "Lost Ark," I ain't Harrison Ford
I'm the rude MC that be embarassin broads, like


I'm a product of hip-hop! And stereo stealers
My area's ill as serial killers
Like Sam Berkowitz and old Charles Manson
Mickey move bars with broke broads dancin
Tippin that tight light-skinned sexy mama
In a past life she was Jeffrey Dahmer
Hangin with pimps and relentless suckers
Down for life like the Menendez brothers
Rugged lil' princess a thug might find
Buck up in the club like Shyne
That's what she does, I'm out her holdin down ya speakers
Every whip need us, so throw your dick beaters and
Sing along with the king of the Bricks
That don't care like sit on my dick!


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