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What Comes Around Goes Around

[Pacewon - imitating famous rap samples]
"Batman is just robbin"
"With the pistol in my small pocket, I start robbin"
"Yeah, I used to be a stick up kid
So now I think of all the devious things I did
I used to roll up" "Me and you fool, let's make some cash
Robbin old folks and makin the dash"
"Cause now we stickin you and takin all of your money"
"Stick up kid that's out to tax"

[Verse 1: Pacewon]
As a kid me and two friends was walkin down the block
One of 'em was a fancy kid, down to the socks
And the other was a kid that kept his money in his shoes
We knew the neighborhood already grungy in the tooth
And me, the lil' pup, not holdin no long paper
Just enough for comic books and jawbreakers
Buggin out like it's nothin to fear
Then I got distracted by somethin I hear
I heard, tires screech, a car pull up
Two jump out and hit fancy kid in the mouth
Like - run your lil' Dodgers shirts, break off the jewels
Empty out your pockets nigga, take off your shoes
Then his partner hollered at him like - dem just kids
But he said - in the hood, that's how stuff is nigga
Hit the car and sped off with our stuff
Fancy kid barefooted, please call McGruff, somebody

[Hook - repeat 2X]
Lucky you, monkey see, monkey do
Hear it, see it, be a monkey too
What go around come around come around over round
See a pound hold a pound hold a pound hold it down

[Verse 2: Pacewon]
Okay in March of '93 I just got out of high school
My IQ was flyer like the beats that I rhyme to
But no, '95 then I stopped sellin crack
Started rollin with the robbers, tecs, macs, revolvers
No more gettin stuck with ten-packs and problems
Now I'm on the hunt for checks bags and Converse
Tickets and trinkets, drugs and cash
Thugs and gats, take your lil' Lugz and hat
Frames and rope, spend your lil' change in bars
Chasin broads, deadly like agent orange
Stealin cars, rockin up on 19th Ave
Feelin large, {?} with the fly green mask
Every, Friday was mine every corner was hit
We would, warm up the shit, be gone wit'cha kicks
From a young unsuspectin to a fella that'll set it now
In my life what came around went around


[Verse 3: Pacewon]
As I remember it was Friday like a quarter to one
I was chillin with the fellas, ridin 'round havin fun
And we was sober as a soldier and we wanted to drink
We wanted to smoke, it's time for a steam, let's go
Down the hill adrenaline made me think real fast
Seen this joker hidin steppin out on Springfield Ave
My boy pulled to the curb, let me and my dude out
We stepped to him strongarm, no pullin tools now
Like cool down fella then I grabbed his t-shirt
He tried to pull away we started givin him B work
We got his goods then we split it up, nigga what
Hit him up, now we said, let's start gettin drunk
Without a shotgun, switch or a four
We would, hit your jaw, then the liquor store
I thought nobody could hassle us but
Then one-time gaffled us up


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