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Any Champion

[DJ Revolution scratches]
"I get physical, mystical, very artistical" -] Big Daddy Kane
"Outsidaz" -] Rah Digga
"And if you don't know, now ya know" -] Biggie

And it go..

[Verse One: Pacewon]
All across the world from North to Los Angeles
Never have you witnessed a rapper this hazardous
Run up on your vehicle, carjack ya passenger
Ignore jake, don't nobody hassle us
In crooked eye New York, New Jers' is the realest
Wannabe niggas catch feelings
Just 'cause a brother got it straight down eatin
Condo and Phoenix, furnitured up like the showroom in Seamans
Take a vacate, hold the A.K. - y'all need help like "mayday, mayday"
Scramble, love somebody you lose; light a candle
Keep guns by you like commando, bust 'em
Bitch ass niggas ain't accustomed to viewin
Homicide to you walk up and put to it
Mind power's like the druid, got a unit
Got beef, step to it.. motherfuckers

[Verse Two: Pacewon]
Yo, I hit you with another one, hit you with the troublesome
Pacewon play you can't recover from
Hit you with the hook, huh, ha, that's the Rah
Then I put a hole in ya side: BURNIN
Niggas tried to school you but you couldn't learn it
Whatever happened to you, you deserve it
As for me, I'm record dealt up, kickin real slugs
'bout to mill' up, never give up, hear me?
Yo even if I lose and my eyes get teary
I gotta taste the cheese like Tom do Jerry
Now, half y'all rappers that's wack
Nasty pussy boys just scared to blast back
Runnin like their AMP tracks, scared to just
Stand their ground, grab their pound, shoot the man back
Look 'em in the face, see how the fag act
And fill his pussy ass with led, and mad cat

[Verse Three: Pacewon]
Yo I'm the king of the underground radio waves
Been down since them shady old days, motivation
If the doorway blocked, I'ma kick my way in
Never been the one for you to play with
Yo when I roll up on your ass nigga don't say shit
Don't nuttin move but the pavement
Yo I'm the man to bring you water when it ain't none
Stickin up banks with a paintgun
Like free base I'm that shit that leave your face numb
Hitman waitin in your house with a twelve gauge pump
Better known to y'all as Pacewon, sincerely yours
Live from New Jers', feel me y'all..

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