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Locked (Part 2)

Uh-huh, rock on
Cheeba cheeba y'all, cheeba cheeba y'all
Cheeba cheeba y'all, rock on

If you broker than a joker, pockets on E
Or just got stuck after clockin all week
The gat 12.50 and the rocket's on me
Now you can roll through your hardest projects on feet
Now you can send 'em upstream like bass they dead fish
Spend your money with me, watch how fast you get rich
See I take it by force while they come with a soft sound
Like they with they girl, carriage and horse style
I'm a drunk, see I can't put the sauce down
Girls that I fucked in the past turn me off now
Crooked, I done snatched a hundred chains
Versace shades since Big, nuttin changed
Sensors go off when the pussy come in range
Down with the Wons we the most wanted gang
Raise hell, skip bail, inhale, weed smoke
+Poppa Large+ big shot from the East coast
Bring your two teeth I'm lost like +Kool Keith+
In a tinted up Sedan, plushed out with blue seats
The rims on the whip cost about two each
Better stop and pay attention everytime my crew speak
Smart like Bill Gates, check me out in Newsweek
Showin off like I'm sunbathin on a nude beach
The moral of the story is niggas gotta rock
You can't move nothin right here - we got it locked!

And these Jakes 'noyd at me cause they make toy money
They upset cause they see me with a Playboy bunny
And I just shove my head in the hole, get up and go
Up late every night like David Letterman yo
Singin "We Want the Funk" off three blunts of skunk
Got a G and a bitch that I see once a month
A girl across the border, or the one your daughter
I'm not normal don't get caught up, my style is too water
Like, H2O and I race through hoes
I take 'em tall and light-skinned but I ain't racial though
I get, busy with mine, I take Dominican dimes
Little chicks comin up with the city in mind
West Indian eyes with some serious thighs
So pretty and fine hope she give me the time of day..
.. and make me feel this need
To have to give her that ring like my man Willis Reed
Snatch up the dice and roll five by six
Headcrack you bitches while you ride my dick
Then, giggle a little cause your pockets is brittle
And your game is kinda slow, nigga pass me a pillow
I'm the one on the streets, I'm the Don on the block

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