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It Gets Hot

"Oh my gosh.. the music just turns me on!"

Yo... uh, uh
Give it to me now, give it to me now

[Hook: singer]
It gets hot - when I see you
When you see me and the vibe is true
C'mon shorty let me ride with you
It gets hot - when the love is real
When my car's all shiny and the club is filled
Walkin in the door like what's the deal?
It gets hot

[Pacewon over Hook]
Aiyyo.. ha ha
What the deal huh, huh?

Aiyyo I'm sexable from head to toe
Mad hot like Mexico
Cause I +Rap+ like +Kool G.+, every year, new me
Too deep, mixin that umm with that ooh-wee
A few peeps up in my loft, havin lunch with the boss
Sex might jump off (who knows)
It all depends on her clothes, if she's dressed provocative
The compliments I can give her, that's positive
And she'll swallow it, gobble it up
Just because I'm a prominent, dominant thug
That be rhymin in tongues, mi amor {j'tem?}
A flirtatious man who loves to make friends
Pull you in bathroom, grope you, harass you
Dazzle every woman in town, when I pass through
With my "Mad Crew" like BDP
Showin my colors like BET, what's the deal now?


What's the deal, yo, yo
Your wife like me like flicks from Spike Lee
"She's Gotta Have It," my jeans and white tee
My arms around her waist, she breathin in my face
Like "Pace when I'm with you, I feel so safe
And hey I'm all yours, the ring means nada
It only costed two-thousand sixteen dollars
And your verbal illustrations get me hotter
Sexy dada, let me holla" - and I'm like
Come right along, I'm a roller coaster ride
Get on, we can crush to the song
I chat with your motherfuckin cat like Dr. Doolittle
Show your dog how to hit it from the back and chew nipples
Cause friction like when you rub two nickels
Invent new shit to do wit'chu
Knock the boots down to the ground with energy and stamina
My boy locked up, won'tcha pose for the camera


What's the deal yo, yo yo yo
I make women hallucinate and see things
Put my finger in the G-string
Make her smile like Christmas Day when she was 4 years old
Grab the back of her neck, kiss her earlobe
Make her sweat like she just ran a mile
Turnin green like she was Bruce Banner now
Better yet the She-Hulk, break buildings down
When we fuck, break the oochie down and leave her
Back to the block, rollin trips and fever
Brand new chicks for my chips to freeze up
Chicks like Britney, chicks like Shakira
I take the purest of 'em just like mirror mirror
And I'm, Prince Charming, the best they mobbin
Get my boys together, do some big robbin
And we ain't robbin ya goods, nigga stealin your world
All because I was feelin ya girl


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