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Get It Shawty Remix

[Verse 1: Lil Wayne]
Okay, I'm Weezy, baby
And, I am from the south where we call our women 'Baby'
Hey, baby, hey, baby, all day I smoke, hey, hey, hey
I'm balling like fadeaway, three letter credit, AOK
Black car, black car, girl, I've got a black car
Can I buy some of your time and charge it to my black card
You can be my bitter sweet, shake that sugar and salt
Chain's full of asphalt, bullshit walks, cash talks
Car black, car big, car fast, Car- ter
Can I stick my pencil in your sharpner
Beat it up like it's a drum, call me Travis Barker
Tat, tat, tat, boom, boom, tat, tat, boom, boom, tat, tat

[Hook: Lloyd]
All I really want is for you to back it up
Go and back it up, back it up, put your weight on it
Because it's alright, do what you want to, make me believe you
Get it, shorty because it's the remix, baby, the remix, baby, the remix
So get, get, get it, shorty because it's the remix, baby

[Verse 2: Big Boi]
I'mma Show you How To Get These Ho's
Fully Clothed Or The Shoe Models
Ya'll Know Those That Work That Pole
Tight Calf Muscles Manicured Toes
French Tips for The French Kiss On
The French Riviera
Ever Been There , Neva
Well I'm internationally known
And excepted Gone Get Naked
No I Respect it So I'mma exit
Sand in an Hourglass Gone By The Second
I'mma Get Shawty Like Danny Devit-o
Hit A Party Get It Started Shall We
Go smoke Past The velvet rope
Hopin Later On That She Gets Her Pelvis Broke
Say Ichi Ni San Shi, He Say We Say Ding Dong Pssh


[Verse 3: Chammilionaire]
Go get his card and hit the mall
And buy whatever that you want and
He keep calling, keep ignoring
I'mma pick You Up and We Goin Bounce Like Spalding
Tight up balling Chicks like tila
Sidekicks * pics looking like vida
Pull Into the Max Just Look At my meter
Fallin' in love the minute I meet her
Groupies be trying to act like they divas
Till I eject them outta my beamer
Step to the side its lookin Like We The Same As A Sumo With a wife beater
Super tight koopa's right
Put a little player-ism In Your life
Cause I'm the type of grinch that you like
My money mean and ain't too polite
To play or to dance?
Naw, baby stop it
The right time to do it
See the top as it's poppin'
See the door when it's lockin'
Jaws will drop cause they watchin'
Candy Paint changing Huey's
Call it pop, lock, and drop it
Get it shawty (Pssh)


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