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Going Back

Words and music by gerry goffin and carole kingI think I'm going backTo the things I learnt so well in my youthI think I'm returning toThose days when I was young enough to know the truthNow there are no gamesTo only pass the timeNo more colouring booksNo christmas bells to chimeBut thinking young and growing older is no sinAnd I can't play the game of life to winI can recall a timeWhen I wasn't ashamed to reach out to a friendAnd now I think I've got[Going Back lyrics on http://www.elyricsworld.com]A lot more than just my toys to lendNow there's more to doThan watch my sailboat glideAnd every day can beMy magic carpet rideAnd I can play hide and seek with my fearsAnd live my days instead of counting my yearsThen everyone debatesThe true realityI'd rather see the worldThe way it used to beA little bit of freedom's all we lackSo catch me if you canI'm going back

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