Waylon Jennings - Good Time Charlie's Got The Blues Lyrics

Good Time Charlie's Got The Blues

Verse 1:
Everybody's going away
Said there moving to L.A.
There ain't a soul I know around
Everybody's leaving town

Verse 2:
Some caught a freight, some caught a plane
Find the sunshine leave the rain
They say this town will waste your mind
I guess they're right cause it's wasted mine

Some got to win, some got to lose
Good time Charlie's got the blues

Verse 3:
My old heart keeps telling me
You ain't no kid at thirty three
You play around and you lose your wife
Play too long and you lose your life

Verse 4:
I got my pills to ease the pain
I can't find a thing to ease the rain
Sometimes I'd like to try and settle down
But everybody's leaving town


Date Added: 1970-01-01
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