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[Hook: Pac Div]
Hey gorgeous
I’m tryna get your attention
You’re listenin’ to what your girlfriends mention
They tell you that I got cruel intentions
But they don’t know me like that
They don’t know me like that
You tryna throw me shade so what up with you? (What up?)
I’m tryna put my bid in and hook it up with you (What up?)
So stop listenin’ to your friends who grew up with you (What up?)
Cause they don’t know me like that (Nah)
They don’t know me like that (Nah)

[Verse 1: Like]
What up? Now how you doin?
It’s somethin’ ‘bout the way you walk, I’m checkin’ out ya movements
It’s somethin’ bout the way you talk that got my mind tuned in
It’s more than tryna break you off and tryna start a union
Just me and you can, get acquainted
I know your girl Kimmy hatin’
At the house bored, startin’ shit for entertainment
She think I’m pimpin’, only in it for the penetration
Mad cause I make losers out the men she chasin’
To be sincere, it’s like I speak a different language
Cause when I say it’s from the heart, you insist it’s gamin’
I’m tryna do Christmas cards and the [?] vacation
Put the charge on credit cards and then skip the payments
You the reignin’, beauty pageant champion
Louis baggin’, fat rings, movie actress ass mean
You must’ve did the hurdles on your track team
You need to join my damn team


[Verse 2: BeYoung]
Aye, yo yo, what up with you?
I’m sayin’ wassup with you baby, can I get up with you?
Have a couple brews
Sit up and discuss with you how beautiful you are
And how I dream to make some love to you
I’m playin’, I’m sayin’ that you a special kind of lady friend
So radiant, the way you’re swayin’ it
Got me forgettin’ what to say again
Damn, uh, ‘scuse me, but uh, nah, nah, forget it
Check it, let’s get to sweet talk, sweetheart
I know you’re classy
So wassup with this attitude you throwin’ at me?
I’m tryna put my bid in, but you keep lookin’ past me
Look I ain’t ugly no more, I cleaned up my acne
And actually, your homegirls just mad we
Connect on a whole ‘nother level they can’t match, see
I feel our vibe could be special if you let it come naturally
Here, take down my number, just get at me


[Verse 3: Mibbs]
Look at Ms. Thing tryna deflate my ego
I’m workin’ overtime though it equates to zero
All because you listened to Nancy, what does she know?
She stuck me with the bad guy, roll like Al Pacino (Forreal)
Tellin’ you all I want is the ass, then dash
By bringin’ up what happened in my past like a TiVo
But she know and you know, that’s old news
I used to be a cold dude, until my passes got revoked
Now I got a clean slate, lookin’ for a date
To take to the award shows, not towards home plate
But once again, here comes another friend
Sayin’, “Girl, you shouldn’t put your trust in him!”
Like I’m a dog and they found somebody better for you
Can’t they go somewhere they ain’t got nothin’ better to do?
Besides bash me, cross, and get involved, baby darlin’
You have any questions at all, just ask ‘em


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