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Grandma's House

This is a story of a boy
This is a story of a boy who became a man
This is a story of a man who endured a struggle
This is my story

I don't give a fuck I do a thou-wow then I'm up and down
To break that shit and weigh that shit distribute shit out Grandma's house
Everyday at the block with the chop in my coat
Always been always be all my life, always dope

I know how real it is ho
That's why I make people feel the hook, man
Where would we be without our Grandmas?
A lot of our Grandma's was our Mamas

[Verse 1]
Close your eyes and imagine the south
Little black boy at his Grandma's house
Count stacks for a quarter of an ounce
Trying to get the brand new Jordans came out
Trying to get the candy paint Chevy up out
Bills paid shop say it cost three thou
It'll be worth it when I hit the block
Haters gonna hate, but the women gon' jock
Barely sixteen with a dope man dream
Since thirteen with a flea market ring
Me and my brother buying fake-ass gold
Trying to impress them fake-ass hoes
Y'all niggas know y'all seen it before
Up real late with your Grandma's plate
Praying to god she don't hear that scrape
Praying to god that she don't wake
--If she catch me serving hard
It's gon' break my Nana's heart
So I take them nicks
I cut 'em quick and hit the boulevard--
That yay and a K on MLK
Hail from the four but I'm known in the trey
Killer from the 'Ville in a Chevrolet
Bumping 'Pocket Full of Stones' by UGK
That was my life circa nine trey
You should see the fat black boy today
Wear more Polo than Kanye
Marry me a big booty cutie like Jay
Hood boss, nigga, do shit my way
Fuck I care what a critic got to say?
Fuck they know about Atlanta though?
Fuck they was at in '94?


[Verse 2]
Close your eyes and imagine the south
Couple new cars at my Grandma's house
Everything I wear tailor-made or Ralph
Every woman on my team is stout
Every nigga on my team about
Getting to the money
Getting to the paper
Getting out the west side into Decatur
We pumped base like Cerwin Vegas
We rolled trees in a car I'm seeing Vega(???)
Nineteen the street king took trips to Vegas
Served 18 before I hopped that plane
Landed in Vegas and copped that Jane
Rented a Benz and switched that lane
My Cali bitch she broke that brain
Hit her from the back and bent that frame
My life dope --Straight Cocaine--
Hit the town my pockets fat
Seven hours later lost seven stacks
Left the dice alone did Black Jack
A few 21s brought the seven back
But luck is a lady we know that
And sometimes that ho hold back
When I needed her most that bitch got ghost
I lost them seven plus four back
--Staring at heaven like I lost eleven you should have seen your nigga's faaace
The OG was with me and he dropped fifty we laugh about it to this daaay--
Told the young 'un, "I knew you would grow to be a G in this game
Because the next day your wife came with thirty bands on a plane"


[Verse 3]
Close your eyes and imagine the south
Bentley GT at my Grandmama house
Ain't worried about what the law talk about
Because I went legit, the game I'm out
Built my own company like Eazy-E
We Ruthless my nigga, the G to the T
--Grandmama told me to slow my roll
Stack my money pay child support
I smiled and said, "Look Mama, I know
But them women are still gon' be at my throat.--
No matter what Mama they gon' want some more
Mad they can't have a nigga no more"
Disturbing my life, threatening my wife
One of them tried to stick me with a knife
Knocked her ass out and threatened to kill her
My Grandmama told me the devil was in her
She told me, "Young 'un just stay away from her
Don't talk to her brother, don't talk to her Mama
Let her get her mind right really quick"
I kicked her ass out like 50 did
Huh... I'm still the shit
99 problems and not one bitch
Will ever take a young player off his grind
When I grab my dick, see my pinkie shine...


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