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Hands Up

If you keep it one hundred, put your hands up
If you don't need to borrow no money, put your hands up
Got your own house your own car, put your hands up
If they fuck with you you gon' take em to war, put your hands up
But if you be stealing from your friends, put your hands down
If you fight women but you won't fight men, put your hands down
If you tell the police anythang, put your hands down
Real niggas stand up, pussy niggas sit y'all ass down

Uhh yeah, don't make me put them hands on your dog ass
Make me break your jaw bone homie, I know it's all glass
Lot of tables pun' or vag whipping, this is a tall glass
If one y'all motherfuckers try to murder me, then I got something for y'all ass
No conversation for the cops, we keep our mouths closed
Gangsta than a motherfucker, welcome to the South hoe
What the fuck is fifteen thousand, that's a couch bro
Beat your ass, next time the words king of come out your mouth bro
Cause nigga I am the streets, fuck nigga I am the hood
Since the world is a ghetto, then anywhere I go I'm good
And fuck a bodyguard, I'ma guard my body Lord
Me and my nigga Regin my nigga G-1, we only bow to God


Way back in middle school, I knew I was gon' be a star
Rapping or playing ball, a flat and a luxury car
People I use to know, tell me how they have come so far
But they smelling like Old Spice, they faking been they whole life
Lying to kick it with me, trying to steal a visit with me
25 hours a day eight days a week, I get money get it with me
This ain't my hoe either my nigga, you can hit it with me
Disrespect me, I'm gon' keep squeezing this until this is empty
Soon as a nigga try to play me, like I'm not me
I'm going upside his head, it's gon' take six of y'all to stop me
Mo City Texas, got it tatted on me homie
Love all of my niggas, cause they never ratted on me homie yeah


This is the real world, you gotta be real to live here
One hundred percent, ninety-nine ain't gon' get you in here
And I'm so real, since the day I was born I been here
Codeine or that gold label, meanwhile you on your tenth beer
Lying to these bitches in the club, trying to take em home
Pay for the pussy, that's the only way you gon' make her moan
On the inside of my thigh, that's what her face is on
My face real heavy, I hope I can make it home


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