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Hey America

Heyi remember da waywe would both saywe be together forever and a daywell i guess dat daycame sooner den latecus nowwe're apart and awayand it feels so strayN.G.E. wouldn't you sayi use tocall u bayand u use to obeyand i just wish we could"do it again" (X3)heyi got my business togetherwish i could get togetherbut timing is an errorand i tell a lieto you like everif i was even evergiven another chance to"do it again" like i diedand gone to heavenclimbed inside a treasuredied inside of pleasure likewowyour smile is but of essenceyour child is so preciousi wish it was paternally mine but karma is a messagebut imma try to test itand scream for a blessingso loudand i hope that you would catch itand one day you would come fallinout of the most highest cloud[Hey America lyrics on]then ill be there to catch youyesill be there to let youdo da thingswe didn't do beforenownext time we have to stretch itdo it never forget iti never forgoti wish dat we could"do it again" (X3)Heyim just trynna talk to youif i could talk to youden i would talk forever and a dayyes i remember so vividlyhow we would bewhen we layand my then blue skies were no longer grayshe so brightened up my dayput it on a scriptureshe would be a pictureif perfect had a facei promise you homiedat u would be hungry like meif you had a tastei put it on my mommacus baby girl is a flowera flower without a vaseno water needed at allshe continues to growmore beautiful everydayand i love her somethin viciousand im just wishin we could"do it again"(X3)

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