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High Beamin'

Niggas be hating 'cause B.G. got it On top of the line only got it but I ride it From the hummer to the rover to the project B and C Lex truck nothing in my click ain't hey Everybody here was f**ked when they heard 'bout the deal Cashhmoney hot boyz sound for thirty mill Already was straight but we living larger Already was balling but now we balling harder Bet you bitches can't stay clean 'cause my wrist stay flossed off Niggas hate me 'cause all day I'm flossed off Ghetto lady in my dog bay mercedes Niggas find out they got whole got f**k it then they cave me That's how it go it ain't my fault I got mega cheese Walk that walk, talk that talk I'm B.G. Papers chase so footy get my grind on I look through it 'cause I made that song gets it shine on CHORUS:My click be sizziling hot steaming Bouncing rules diamonds hot beaming Me and my click be sizziling hot steaming Stepping throught niggas diamond hot beaming Me and my click be sizziling hot beaming Rep out niggas diamonds hot beaming LIL WAYNE:What what what I'ma flosser baby Baller baby A fifteen year old shot caller baby I'm raised in the hood In a all black call Down mercedes cool Got your wife at my house and she naked too And all my niggas all around us saying shake it boo Go ahead do what you do It's weezing darling off that heezing darling I', surrounded by the ice it got me freezing darling It's plain and simple My change and it's natural Now Wayne will pimp ya'll Got game from beatrall [High Beamin' lyrics on]Trying to see six numbers At the grammy awards with six hummers Me the grammy award with six womans Nigga stop at the gas station for six rubbers Put it together This is the night for you to get under the cheddar Don't try to end it or you wouldn't get better CHORUS: LIL WAYNE:Here I come star rapper I get the fast money Short cute hot boy And rap for cash money Stand out the roof of my car and flash honeys Take your girl to the mall and spend a gee like it's nothing If you lay on the floor Open up the spot Take off her draws Let me see the cot Don't stop Lil' Weez lil' weez and nothing nice But yet to my Jesus Christ Nothing but ice When they see me at night Behind cristal see night Snatch your wife Run up in there with the K Y It's all mine Ever since I was born Wayne Nigga get out of line I get dirty like John Wayne I bought something to floss it Whatever come with it Now don't shoot us unless they have a drum with it At first they weren't with it But then I was choking I got 'em all paying attention like they owe it What CHORUS

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