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Hoes And A Ounce

[Verse 1]
Ridin' round in circles, I can't find nowhere to go
I just left the bar with a bunch of bitches I barely know
They from out of town, shawty and 'em got they shit together
And she got her own so she don't listen to what no nigga tell em
Glass shoes, red bottoms on my Cinderella's
Bad bitches make these ugly bitches niggas jealous
Don't make shit no better, pocket full of lettuce
I know you niggas praying to god that these feds get us
I got cocaine dust on all my dollar bills
Forge auto wheels, and some sluts that swallow pills
All my windows tinted, this one here might have ya bitch in it
I keep rolling up, she keep saying let me hit it

4 hoes and a ounce (x3)
I got 4 hoes and a ounce
4 hoes and a ounce (x3)
I got 4 hoes and a ounce

[Verse 2]
Loaded like a potato
I got guns like the Al Quada
These bitches see me and they holla like they going in labor
My ex bitch got issues, think fuckin' my friends gon' get me back
I pull up with a bad bitch in the same seat she was sitting at
Half a gram niggas on Instagram, like they got a thousand grams
Gotta block these niggas cuz this bullshit getting out of hand
Fuck it and I just pulled up on this lil bitch in the projects
She postin and she strippin tryna pay her way through college
She think Im tripping cuz she dance keep on saying Buck be honest
But every other week I'm asking the bitch how much a bond is
Seat push back, so your ho got plenty leg room
Bought a box of swishers and we already don ran thru em


[Verse 3]
Passenger saying pass it, she can't handle it
Bitch keep saying she gon' pass out and I can't handle it
This what happens when you gotta have it and can't manage it
Bitch ain't got no class up out herself and I can't stand this shit
Rolling up with these 4 hoes and a ounce
I pay the amount
If yo bitch leave with me, I just hope the bitch can count
I got kush in this motor, this ain't no hookah bitch
Better ask Wiz and Snoop, ho this'll get you super lit
I got 4 I can take 5 and you can't fit
Bitch I'm too high for you to act like you the shit
All these ladies made it, graduated, well educated
Know I'm full of niggas I pull up and niggas hate it
I got


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