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Hold U Down

G-Unit Motha Fuckas'
Holla when you see me nigga Young Buck
You mothafuckas' should be happy 50 stopped me from buyin' guns bitch!

Back home on that same old shit
The same four five same old clip
I'm 'bout to hold it (Downn)
Can't tell me shit
Cuz when a nigga went broke
You didn't (Hold you downn)
Now I'm back in the kitchen
Niggas dyin' if my package is missin'
It's time to go get (Downn)
They think that I'm jokin until they see the Bentley white smokin' (Hold you downn)
Damn right I'm a star
50 bought it but it's still my car
I got the top dropped (Downn)
Holla back at me youngin'
I heard you just got robbed
I might (Hold you downn)

You know the streets gon' talk
Gotta be real to get love in New York
Or they gon' knock you (Downn)
Outta town, outta bounds go n' getta' 100 rounds
To (Hold you Downn)
My brother in the Pen
Said he just seen my video "Let me In"
But when he touched (Downn)
We at it again
I'm pickin him up in the Benz
Im' a (Hold you downn)
Niggas come to our shows and they be throwin them 'bows
After the club
Niggas get shot! (Downn)
It be Like that
Next month we gon' be right back to (Hold you downn)

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