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[Verse 1]
Are we ready right now
I don't know somehow
It feels so right
It's time for our flight
How will we know
When to go
How will we find
All the time
All the time

[Pre Chorus]
Check for pre-flight
The engines on
Head on
Into the sun
No more good-byes
This is for life
(this is for life)
(this is for life)
(this is for life)
(this is for life)

Through the Hourglass we slide
Searching for the moment to decide
So I will stand tall
Discover it all
I will stand tall
Where you are aloused
So don't lose sight of me now

[Verse 2]
After all this time
We're still able to shine
You rode from the stars
Straight from the heart

[Pre Chorus]


Oh, it's time
(take my hand)
(take my hand)
(take my hand)
And I tell
Longer since

Out here in space
It seems so clear

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