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How Can Something

[Hook x4]
How can something so right, go so wrong

[Verse 1]
I used to love her, fuck it, I still do
Cause love never die, but it can kill you
I pray to Heaven's sky, that it never kill me
It can get you real weak, but fuck it I'm a little G
My baby girl thought I was fucking every little freak
But darling, I was raised by a woman, that ain't the real me
Still, she managed to to spill out a little me
Watched the doctors wipe the blood, from her little feet
And goddamn she resembles me
She's my forgiveness for every sin and penalty living in me
She should be living with me
But what am I to do when her mother disagree?
I do me, but...

[Hook x8]

[Verse 2]
I even took your hand, and walked down the aisle
It takes a strong man, to do that young and wild
Look at your wedding band, that's 17 thou
But still she took the stand, now I pay for my child
And there comes divorce, mama I had to file
And as sad as it sounds, mama, I'm happy now
And my other girl got a new baby daddy now
And retaliation hurts, she getting married now
And when I lay down to sleep, I feel like I have died, I can be carried out
And buried now
But hear me now, I am here and now
So appealing 'til I disappear, but still, it got me feelin' like...

[Hook x4]

[Verse 3]
I'm in my early 20s, now all the ladies dig me
They like that baby face, they like the Baby in me
That's why it's Weezy Baby, and please say the baby
You know that nigga baby, yeah, he done paid me crazy
I won a few Source awards, I haven't won an a Oscar
So I don't know how to act, like my sweet ain't sour
So I run to my mama
She let me smoke and fret about my drama, then give me power
I'm a go and use all my knowledge and get acknowledged
If the pro tools stop recording, I'm still ballin'
I know you probably don't care about where my heart is
But just to let you know, it's where yours is

[Hook x4]

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