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I was coolin', I was coolin'
This evening, this evening
So I sat on the couch, grabbed the remote, and started flickin'
I pull up my favorite show, daydreamin' (daydreamin')
What it feels like, to be a Huxtable x6

[Verse 1]
Before I was a rapper I heard about an actor
Who was trying to bring laughter to the people that he captured
I dreamed of living on Stigwood Ave with Cliff and brag about how he picked up jazz
I wish my dad had a brown stone, a dog so we could feed him alpo
Changing all my grades on the down low, was a milestone
Always daydreamed taking Denise out for lunch to get a calzone
I was a fly dresser, I never stole clothes like Vanessa
But I didn't know Vanessa while touring from LA down to Texas
Who was passing they semesters as freshman no lectures, no effort no pressure
Claire downstairs cooking breakfast, had a little sister like Rudy that was precious
Cliff made it cool to wear coogi's as sweaters, pssh forget that
He made it cool to be a medic, wife was a lawyer
Attorney and a doctor in the same damn house now that's success for you
And they were black, inspiring my soul
Cosby was on a roll, I was proud of my tone (yeah)
Shout out to Cosby for real, Sandra was the O that she kinda looked real
To this this day I pray for a brother like Theo
And a bank account like Raven-Symoné's ego
I wish I babysat Olivia, because she turned to a millionaire
[?] living in a different world,[?] had a big plot
Go to college live life like a big shot
Now all we got and watch is Love & Hip-Hop
[?] the beginning of the show, let a brother know family's the way to go


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